"…And when I let my hand run free, I felt like God was speaking back to me, enlightening my mind and encouraging me to keep moving forward."
my name is
Mina Uscharawadi
I know what you are thinking, my last name is pronounced, "you-sha-ra-wa-dee." It's Thai. My dad is originally from Thailand and my Mom from South Korea. As for me, I'm from Northern California, born and raised. However, my Dad's business did lead our family to Thailand from '93-'99. Though it was a short period of my childhood, attending an international school and making friends from all over the world had a profound impact on my life, so much that I was drawn back to the country years later to live, train and fight in Muay Thai. At the end of my time in Thailand, I was led to the beautiful mountains of Utah where I was inspired to write a book about my journey. This is currently the place I call home.
Life In Transfers
is a book...
...Unfolding my journey of self-discovery, healing, and faith one authentic journal entry at a time. Being so vulnerable isn't easy, but someone told me that when a book leaves the hands of it's author, it has the power to take on a life of it's own. I take courage in that power and pray that in the process of reading about my life, you can find hope in yours.
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